Eromenos - Melanie J. McDonald I'm a bit conflicted about this book. It tells the story of the Roman emperor Hadrian and his famous lover Antinous. I love the setting and the context (although I wish Antinous wasn't quite so young) but I almost felt it was too flat; I finished it and I just don't feel satisfied. For a book written from a first-person perspective it never really gets emotional enough for me, but I guess that's because there's very little dialogue. It is very well written though, and presumably well-researched. I just feel like something is missing, something that books like Mary Renault's The Persian Boy and Heather Domin's Soldier of Raetia have in abundance. I can't pinpoint what, exactly. Maybe it's because we never really get a good look at the relationship between Hadrian and Antinous; their interactions are described very briefly. That said, it's still a lovely, melancholy little read. And if you're keen on historical fiction, it's well worth it.