Rules of Engagement - L.A. Witt So, I have this thing where I'm not allowed to play pool. Like, literally my friends start getting a panicky look on their faces when I near a pool cue. And this is surprising because I've only ever played twice. The first time (and I swear I don't even know how this happened) I chipped a tooth, and the second time I smashed a clock face with a pool ball (not on purpose). So, I was understandably put off by the pool-related shenanigans in the first part of this book. But that soon took a backseat and I started to enjoy it. I have a soft spot for gay-for-you stories because I like seeing how authors deal with the sudden shift in sexuality. Some writers go with the: 'I like guys now! Sucks to you, 20-odd years of heterosexuality!' and others are like: 'Gay? I can't be gay. But lemme go stick my tongue down this guy's throat quickly. No homo!'. I feel like this book had believable amounts of angst, but still could have been more exploratory. I also felt that the resolution was a bit forced and abrupt. Some of the characters were just such assholes; the ratio of douchefaces to likable characters was higher than I generally like. However, it was pretty hot (actually maybe a bit too much of the book is set in the bedroom). But in the end, I liked it well enough.