The Auspicious Troubles of Chance - Charlie Cochet This book was an unexpected pleasure. I didn't pay the blurb much attention, I just thought the title was cute and so I read with little idea of what I was getting into. It's a period piece, set in the 1920s and it's also written in the first person; these two things combine to make the writing a bit clunky at first, but once you get into it, all is forgiven and some of it is actually quite funny. The beginning was a bit rushed (as was the ending - so minus a star for that), but the middle bit was golden and I really wish there was more of it. It's about Chance, a beautiful and troubled young man who hares off to join the French Foreign Legion (is there a book involving the Legion that I haven't liked? I'm yet to meet it) and meets the immensely likable Jacky, his commandant and eventual lover. There isn't really a plot, it's more of a sort of self-discovery story. The secondary characters are interesting and the North African setting is quite cool (though under-realised). I just really enjoyed the the two main characters together. Am I being overly hopeful in wanting a sequel?