Kei's Gift (Darshian Tales, #1) - Ann Somerville Let me preface my opinion (with another opinion) by saying that I think Somerville is a fantastic writer. I LOVED the Pindone Files, and Remastering Jerna was beautiful.
However, I had major problems with this book. Well, one major problem, really: her characters are too virtuous. They're so sweet and amazing that they give me the moral equivalent of a toothache. One or two paragons I could deal with, but all of the "good guys" in this book are such freaking pinnacles of perfection that I almost wanted to side with the "bad guys" (but, they too were so clumsily maligned that they ended up being laughable - and while I can side with evil, I cannot side with stupid). So that leaves my loyalties orphaned, which is never a comfortable thing. Arman, especially, I feel had the capacity to be a bit of a (lovable) bastard, but this is never capitalized on.
And what's up with the weird animal names? I know it's meant to lend the world-building some depth, but Jombeker? Really? Call it a fucking goat or horse (or whatever it is) so that I spend less time grinding my teeth in frustration trying picture it and more time actually enjoying the book.