Storms and Stars - Neena Jaydon I love a good claustrophobic romance, by that I mean the kind of stuck-with-you relationship that develops from the close proximity of the characters, especially when there's a good long build-up and raging sexual tension. I also love believable sci-fi. I also love all things military... Hey, would you look at that, this is book is cover-to-(virtual)-cover full of things that I love. It's a great story about a galactic military officer who ends up stranded on an uninhabited planet with his would-be kidnapper and, well, stuff happens. I found some of the side plot a bit distracting, but there isn't very much of it, so that's okay. The glimpses we get of the fictional universe are interesting and I honestly wouldn't mind reading more about it. If this is indeed the author's first novel, that's pretty impressive.