Bonds of Earth - G.N. Chevalier I'm going through this phase where I choose MM books based on the cover, that is to say that I've been avoiding those awful, trite covers with stock photo-ed hunks leering at me from atop some incomprehensible background. Not that I mind leering hunks, mind you, it's just that I'm awfully tired of them. So I've been snapping up anything with an even remotely interesting cover. That is how I actually ended up reading this book, that and the fact that I am simultaneously going through a WWI/WWII phase. Anyways, my point, such as it is, is that I was disappointed with this book. It's not bad, but it certainly isn't extraordinary. It's has terrible pacing issues, but my main problem is that it doesn't really have a point, a theme, a denouement. Sure it's about two WWI veterans; and there's some PTSD, some medicine, some male prostitution, a bit of gardening; but ultimately, I didn't even care. It might have been a romantic saga, but it's too short for that and I never really got to like any of the characters enough for it. Liked the cover, though.