Neko - P.L. Nunn I read the warnings, but I did not heed them. 'How bad could it be?', I asked myself. 'Pretty fucking bad', is the answer. Not the actual book, which I enjoyed very much, but rather the balls-to-the-wall sadism that is the the first 100 or so pages of this book. And it's not the kind of sadism that has an acronym and a safe word and carefully sterilized equipment. No, fellow readers, this sadism is stripped bare of everything that makes BDSM sexy and is basically just torture porn. But here's the thing, I like this book. I'll say it again: I really, really, liked it (much to my shame). Thing is, P.L. Nunn is a very talented author, she writes with great skill and compassion, but what a dark, dark girl she is. I actually don't want to know how she comes up with this stuff. That said, there's some great back story, too (which might actually have benefitted from some expansion). But if you're in the mood to be skillfully horrified, then this book should do you nicely.