The Master of Seacliff - Max Pierce The greatest endorsement that I can give this book is that I stayed up all night to finish it. No, really. I'm reading, like, 30 books simultaneously and I keep starting new ones because they fail to hold my attention. But not this book, no sir. This book was a mouthwatering mystery wrapped in a crispy layer of intrigue and dipped in the fondue of enigma. I freaking loved it. It's so lovely and atmospheric and the romance is deliciously drawn out and well worth the wait. It reminded me a bit of P.L. Nunn's Dynasty of Ghosts, both books have this great gothic feel and similar character arcs (young naif is wooed by headstrong alpha male, and male and female supporting characters with their own agendas). And trust me when I say that that book is amazing, so I was well impressed with this one as well. Definitely going on my favourites shelf.