Gentlemen's Game - Lichen Craig I LOVED the first half of this book. Even as I was reading it I thought: this book is aces, I am giving it one million stars. It's about a gorgeous, purportedly straight playwright who accidentally falls in love with an also purportedly straight billionaire. I enjoyed it so much I was even able to put aside my irritation with the clumsy exposition on sexuality (really, it was like "gay? who? me?, no no, never, I just have sex with men" - okay, sexuality is complicated, but the characters were protesting so much, it was almost a bit homophobic). I even managed not to roll my eyes too much at the it-isn't-cheating-on-your wife-if-you-sleep-with-guys thing, which apparently the author thinks is a real thing. But then The Thing happened, (and seriously, stop reading this now if you haven't read this book yet) and it all fell apart.

Look, I don't drink, so I don't know if a person's personality can, in fact, do a total 180 when drunk but I had a hard time accepting what Jack did. The rape and torture of someone he was supposed to love was beyond reprehensible. Okay, okay, I know, this is MM; rape and torture is basically the bread and butter of the genre and usually that doesn't ruin a book for me. But this time it did. Why? WHY? I don't understand why the author chose to include that scene, it ruined everything that came afterward and tainted every subsequent interaction between the characters. I usually root for the main couple and I can forgive a lot if you're cute and gay. But not this time. I actively wanted to dissolve Jack in a vat of acid. How Grey could go back to him after was utterly, utterly beyond me. And that leads me back to the drinking problem I don't have. Jack was, by all accounts, a fantastic guy but then he gets a bit tipsy and has a serious Mr Hyde moment, out of the fucking blue? What. The. Fuck. I need someone to explain this one to me.

And that, boys and girls, is why a 5 star book, a book that is well-written and hugely entertaining was a fail for me. In fact, in my outrage, I wanted to give it even less stars but it's so good that I had to compromise with myself.