Latakia - J.F.  Smith I've rated this book, not according to how technically good it is; nor according to the editing style; or even the plot, but really I've rated it according to how much I enjoyed it. And if I were to quantify my enjoyment of it, it would be roughly a metric shitload. It's a very sweet and often funny book about a ordinary guy thrust into extraordinary circumstances and proving himself equal to the task.

There were a couple of sticking points that marred the read a bit for me and they're almost entirely technical. Like how there's a lot of redundancy in the writing, as well as endless internal monologues and the dialogue veers wildly from kind of silly and earnest to just straight-up fucking hilarious (no really, I could't read this in public because I kept bursting out laughing). The protagonist also did some fairly annoying shit, but it's forgivable. And what's the deal with the weird "love me" spell he cast on everyone? Not literally, of course, but everyone loved the shit out of this guy, it felt kind of forced, actually. And also, and this is sooo petty of me, but multiple punctuation marks??? Tacky.

All that said, it actually was a really good read and I wish there was more military stuff in it, because that bit was aces. But yes, I would definitely recommend it.