Sacred Fate - Eressë Alien intersex wizards. Riiight. This book was an uncomfortable read for me. It's my first male-pregnancy story and I feel a bit weirded out by it. I guess that's because even in women, pregnancy makes me uncomfortable, and it's somehow 100 times worse in men. Obstetrics is my least favourite medical speciality, let me tell you. Also, the hermaphrodite anatomy was... unlikely, to say the least. Not that it was badly written, but there was too much drama and random eleventh hour discoveries for it to be properly good. I read it, I guess, because I was curious, I imagined that male-pregnancy might subvert heteronormative gender roles. But no. The guy who had the child was treated like and behaved exactly like some hapless female lead out of a Harlequin romance. It's a shame, really, since the chance to blow gender dynamics right out of the water was there for the taking, but remained unrealized. I'm actually interested in the rest of the books in this series, just to see if the ideas mature. Anyway, this book left me with food for thought, at a least.