Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Wow. Okay. There's really nothing I can add with this review. I don't quite know how to articulately express how conflicted I feel about this book, well, about this couple, really. But here goes. I've always told myself that I much prefer MM romance over hetero stuff because it had the capacity to be truly egalitarian in a way that gender dynamics often don't allow in male-female relationships. This obviously is not always the case, heterosexual relationships and gay relationships can be equal or unequal. But it's just what I tell myself. Either way, inequality in a relationship makes me very uncomfortable, not in bed, mind you - I can handle that one partner is sexually dominant and the other submissive, but just in general life and in their interactions. That's kind of how I felt at the end of this book. Whatever happens, this relationship was manufactured to be unequal. It's called Power Play, I get that this is the point of the book, but I'm bothered how much I enjoyed it. I think what bothers me most is how Bran was so reluctant; other BDSM stuff I've read has always had the sub gagging for it, but that wasn't quite the case here. It also made me wonder about the egotism inherent in being a dom. My discomfort is not unpleasant, though, I feel like it's making me question my assumptions about relationship dynamics and what makes people do the things they do to each other.

That said, I devoured this book the way an experimental psychologist might watch her subjects. Avidly. I just couldn't wait for what they would do next. It was like watching the world's only exciting tennis match. I found the slow shift of consciousness very interesting. And, oh boy, was it hot. Ultimately, I really enjoyed it. It's a spectacularly well-considered piece of fiction.