At His Throat, A Promise - Lilith Grey I don't like MM 'slave-fiction'. Don't get me wrong, I'm able to enjoy it, but I don't like it. Institutionalized slavery is an affront to my egalitarian little heart and so these stories often make me very angry. Heaven knows why I keep reading them. My experience of slave stories in MM fiction has been that slavery is often romanticized and almost always sexualized, and this book is no exception. That said, the stories often also deal with the horrors of slavery and I feel that this book has done both fairly well; shown the plight of slaves, as it were, as well as catering to the fantasy of perfect submission. It's a very empathetic insight into slave mentality; and this made me uncomfortable, because I don't want people to be okay with being institutional slaves
Overall, it's a well-written, often insightful, and super-sexy novel and I might have given it 5 stars but for a few niggles. Firstly, the concept of sexual slavery as professional internship doesn't make any real sense, but then again lots of things don't make sense, so I'll let it slide. I do wish, though, that there was some explanation as to how that sort of slavery came to be. Secondly, I hated that the slaves were essentially children, well teenagers, but still; it makes feel dirty (not in a good way) to read about minors in non-consensual sexual situations. Call me a prude, but some things just shouldn't be used as erotic fodder. And thirdly, the eleventh-hour scrabble for a plot was a bit forced. But, yes, I'll say it again, while I enjoyed this book, I just couldn't like it.