Saving Liam - Sasha L. Miller I'm not entirely sure that this book technically deserves 5 stars, but I'm giving them all anyway because I really enjoyed it. It's a fairly long book, but I didn't want it to end, and out of the 40+ books on my "currently reading" shelf, I read the whole thing from start to finish without reading anything else in between (which, with my attention span, is miraculous; hence the 5 stars). I chose to read it because, from the descriptive blurb, one can't really tell what the ending is going to be and I've been feeling a little frustrated with the predictably happy endings I've been subjected to in MM fiction (and because I've been feeling more cynical than usual lately). Anyway, this book was just the foil for my bad mood. I won't spoil the plot with a summary, except to say that the plot is almost extraneous; what I loved about this book was the character study. It's written in the third person, but from the perspective of each of the main players, and I know this doesn't work for everyone but I really like it, it gives you insight into the motivations of the characters as well viewing these same characters from multiple perspectives and it's done well here. I mentioned the plot? The first part is kind of a road-trip (which I loved) and the second is all court intrigue (which didn't suck too much). The plot is a teeny bit contrived but at least it was lucid and well-written (bar a few clumsy turns of phrase and minor malapropisms) and definitely readable. As far as sexiness goes...well, it doesn't, really. Not a particularly explicit book, if that's what you're after. So, maybe be forewarned about that. And the ending? Well, it's a interesting little bit of indulgence and I won't give any more away other than: yes, it is happy.