Dash and Dingo: In Search of the Tasmanian Tiger - Catt Ford,  Sean Kennedy And here I thought adventure was dead. Convinced, was I, that it had died at some point while I was in high school or something, too busy with other things to notice its quiet demise and mourn the loss of a childhood friend. But I am happy to report that it is alive and well! Found here in the wilds of Tasmania, adventure takes the form of this lovely dual-authored novel about two men in the 1930s trying to save the thylacine, otherwise known as the Tasmanian tiger. It's thoroughbred adventure, too, not some pale imitation; with dashing heroes (literally dashing - I mean they dash around a lot and one of them is even called Dash), a nobel cause, exotic scenery, a sexy romance, a faint whiff of the unexplained and an honest-to-god villain. It was really funny too, and very well-written. How have I not read this book before? Anyway, I'm glad that's been amended. Though some might find it trite, I really enjoyed it. These two would be great in a series.