Sons of the Wolf - Reiko Morgan I've been having a lucky streak with reading lately; the last few books I've read have been fantastic and, happily, this one is not an exception. In terms of content, one might call it a paranormal mystery novel. It tells the story of Noah, a violin prodigy and estranged son of a Scottish lord, who is on a quest of sorts to uncover secrets surrounding his childhood and the strained relationship with his father. The search brings him to his ancestral home in rural Scotland, where things are not as they seem.

The story was very compelling and I won't say any more about the plot lest I give things away. But what I really enjoyed about this book was the almost gothic feel to it. The author made full use of the moody Scottish setting and managed to build up the tension and sense of foreboding in a very effective way through lots of foreshadowing. Though paced quite slowly, it never lost my attention. The cast of eccentric village characters was also quite enjoyable. The supernatural elements are a very important part of the plot, but ultimately left a bit vague, and that was one aspect that I wish was dealt with in a bit more depth. The writing was skillful, but oddly formal, and even this became charming as I read on. There is a teeny, tiny romance aspect which is hardly at the centre of the story but adds a bit of warmth to what would otherwise be quite a bleak book.

It's a heavy read, a kind of dark-and-stormy-night tale that requires a fair amount of commitment to get through, but I found it to be worth the effort.