Art of Death - Ana Bosch Whoa. I'm confused. This book has a rating less than 4 (at the time of writing this - hopefully it will change). Look, I know how little GR ratings mean. I get it, we're all emotional voters and the rating is very rarely based on merit. But dammit, this book was good! Yes, I really freaking enjoyed with my emotions, but more than that, it was genuinely well-written and clever and compelling. The plot was odd and interesting, the characters were terribly, wonderfully flawed, the violence was shocking and it was deliciously twisty. The thing I liked most, though, was how I could never tell where it was going, due mostly to the stupid, stupid decisions made by the protagonist. In any case, I was riveted. I literally could not stop reading. The proof is that I had the day off today to prepare for a huge work assessment tomorrow, but did I spend my time studying? No. I inhaled this book like it would disappear if I looked away from the page for even a second. I think maybe the less-than-deserved rating is based on the marketing. It's lodged firmly under the MM heading, and yes, there are gay people and yes, there is sex (one particularly fantastic scene) but it is not a romance novel. Not by a long shot. It's a paranormal thriller (but not the bad kind), I guess. So I'd recommend this book to anyone who's looking for something different, to anyone who (like me) is feeling a bit estranged from the usual MM offerings. It really was great fun.