Muscling Through - J.L. Merrow After the debate that this book stimulated about intellectual discrepancy in relationships and what constitutes an intellectual disability, I really thought I wouldn't like it. I believed a large part of the reason why I thought I'd dislike it is that intelligence is such a huge part of attractiveness for me, that I almost can't imagine how someone could find a less intelligent person appealing. But I've decided to like it because Al was a sweetheart, and I'm with the slightly-maybe autistic camp on this one. I think his inability to understand social cues, coupled with his underprivileged background and simple way of expressing himself, makes him come off as 'slow'. At one point "savant" is used in the book, and I don't necessarily think it's a bad term to use to describe Al. That said, I still can't logic them together. Despite how nice Al is, I fail to understand his relationship with a Cambridge professor - fantastic sex or not. I would love to read the exact same story from Lawrence's perspective, just so I can get some insight into what is actually going on in his head. Overall, though, it's a touching story. A sort of love-against-the-odds tale that lots of people are sure to enjoy.