Vassily the Beautiful - Angel Martinez I wanted this book to be longer. I wanted this book to be endless. It's such a strange and lovely blending of Russian folklore and futuristic fiction. It's a story about the eponymous Vassily, a shy composer who is recovering from a terrible accident, who ends up being maltreated by his stepfather. Sent on some task, Vassily ends ups meeting a trio of strange brothers and their even stranger mother and sort of grows a backbone in the process. In any case, the plot is not important. It's a bit weak, to be honest and only serves as a vehicle for the fantastic characters and great world the author has built. I love the brothers, they each have distinct, interesting personalities and are obviously someone's dirty fantasy. Vassily develops a relationship with the aggressive and antisocial Sumerki and it is glorious. It's the centerpiece of the novel. Under other circumstances, I might have found this annoying. But I just enjoyed them so much. My main complaint is that things move too fast, and too many things were happening at once. There is so much scope for world-building and character expansion that this could be, like, ten more novels and I devour every one of them. Hint hint, Angel Martinez, hint hint.