Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov As a standalone novel, this was a solid read; interesting and fairly sexy, but as a minor accompaniment to Special Forces it fell a little short for me. I think I'd have rated it higher if there wasn't so much history here. As a die-hard SF fan (and a particular fascination with Vadim), I enjoyed seeing him again, getting a glimpse into his life now. But with Dan MIA, it felt a bit like those movie sequels where the original actor from the first movie is not in the picture anymore and is only vaguely mentioned in the film and always off-screen. Frustrating as hell.
As for the book itself, I enjoyed it, but had some issues with what I now think of as 'Rapidly Progressing Romance Syndrome' (RPRS), I feel there was a lot more room for a good tension-build. They meet, fall into bed and are confessing undying love within a few short scenes. Nikolai's calm acceptance of his shift in sexuality was also a bit weird, but his upbringing goes a little way in explaining that. The technical business/mining stuff was also a bit over my head, but props to Voinov for mentioning the very recent mining debacle in South Africa. Way to keep things current!