The Progress of Sherlock Holmes - Ivy Blossom Well, that was bloody fantastic. I have serious reservations about reading fan fiction of anything I really love because there's more chance of it pissing me off than me actually enjoying it. But that was so not the case here. This is a delicious glimpse into Sherlock's labyrinthine mind as he struggles with his attraction to Watson. There's no central plot other than the two of them trying to untangle the gordian knot that is their relationship; Sherlock's crime-solving happens in the background, so don't expect a mystery. A lot of the tension is lent by John's choices (and I'd rant about them, but I don't want to spoil it). Sure, there's a lot of angst, but it's Sherlock-flavoured angst, so it's awesome and self-aware. At first I was a little put off by the rapid-fire prose and gross overuse of parentheses, but then I started imagining it in Benedict Cumberbatch's voice and it was perfect. It would be just like BBC's Sherlock to think at the speed of light and have all these minutiae flit through his consciousness. I especially loved the anatomical detail and use of text messages. The secondary characters were represented brilliantly and the whole thing just felt so familiar and sincere. It'll have to tide me over until season 3.