Bonds of Death - Ana Bosch So in this sequel to Art of Death we're plunged back into the world of the undead, and I must say, it is flippin' demented. Seriously, these undead guys (and girls) are nuts. I especially enjoyed that one scene where the MC gets attacked by a roomful of Victorian dolls. Creepy as hell. Close to being my worst nightmare (but not my absolute worst - that's Ebola). But also hilarious. I really enjoyed that aspect of the book, the glimpse into the paranormal community that Bosch has crafted in the first book; the undead are the most interesting aspect of the story. However, I found myself becoming quite frustrated with the plot in this book; it felt very scattered and cobbled-together, instead of the solid and coherent storyline we got in the first book. The problem is that there is more than one 'mystery' being dealt with and theses mysteries overlap and weave together but ultimately have nothing to do with each other and thus leaves the ending very unsatisfying. Our hero, Riley, continues to do dumbass things to get the plot rolling and his boyfriend is still an unapologetic asshole. The romance aspect is a little more developed here than in book one, but it's a bit disturbing. Westwood, the love interest, is an absolute brute both in bed and out of it and I kinda wondered why Riley put up with him, I was't sure he had enough redeeming qualities to warrant Riley's feelings for him. The whole thing often felt one-sided. But Riley seemed to like it rough, and he's a big boy. I was super excited about this book. I freaking adored the first, and was very interested to know where the storyline would go. I had fun with it, because I really like Bosch's writing style, it's very readable, but overall the first was better. Cover's still gorgeous, though.