Raven and the Wolf (Eyrder Saga, #1) - Mari Evers Okay, that was awesome. But a very, very specific kind of awesome. It's basically every M/M fantasy ever written, you know: plucky virgin aids a sexy prince, uncovers hidden talents within himself, is swept up into life at court, sexual tension ensues, then sex ensues, magic, battle, bad guys, resolution, the end. Seriously, I could name about a dozen books just off the top of my head with that exact storyline, but you know what? I freaking loved it. I love those tropes, would read them endlessly, and the only deciding factor for me in whether such a book is good or bad is the quality of the writing. And Ms Evers is a very good writer. I enjoyed the characters and the setting and the sexual tension. And even though there is shapeshifting, which is something I tend to avoid, it's not typical shifter-genre nonsense. Everyone in the society we read about has the ability to shift to a specific animal form, so there're no packs and ridiculous pack politics. It's just a part of the scenery, not instrumental to the plot. My minus-one-star-niggle is that the magical theory is bit weak, and the political machinations seem a bit pointless. That said, I see that this is listed as part 1, and I would definitely read any forthcoming parts.