Angel and the Assassin - Fyn Alexander The first few chapters of this book were genius. It had the potential to hit one of my larger guilty pleasure buttons: big, ruthless sociopath with an interesting job description and the scrappy younger guy he acquires in suspicious circumstances; then the kinky, tumultuous relationship they develop (okay, I think I just described the plot of the vastly superior [b:Stockholm Syndrome|9788080|Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome, #1)|Richard Rider||14678106] and this book can only suffer in the comparison). Anyway, at that point I was prepared to love it, but then Angel happened. From his stupid name to his stupid hair to his infantilism, I hated him. I was actually intrigued by Kael, he had massive potential as a BAMF, but the character of Angel was just horrific. First of all, the daddy stuff was just ick (but okay, I knew this going in and I was prepared to overlook it) but Angel, who is 18, spoke and acted like an 8-year-old. If I met him in real life I would seriously consider having him evaluated for developmental delay. He actually says the words "stop treating me like a kid", and it was all I could do to not hurl my kindle across the room with a shout of "then stop acting like a fucking child!". The daddy, daddy, daddy in every sentence eventually became infuriating and this book degenerated into awful sticky sap pretty quickly. I'm giving it 2 stars, and not 1 because Kael was awesome and I really enjoyed the diary entries about his past. I reckon I'll read on, maybe Angel will die in freak accident and then I can actually enjoy the series.