Puppy Love - Jeff Erno I'm not entirely convinced that this book wasn't written by a teenage girl. It's that clumsy. Everything just felt horribly contrived. Lack of believable dialogue aside, the D/s element struck me as being a bit ridiculous given that both protagonists are basically teenagers and both have the personalities of sea anemones. Except that Petey is a sea anemone with Dependent personality disorder and Matt is just an asshole. The characters just weren't believable as real people. And I have to admit that although I find relationship dynamics super interesting and I like kink, I'm kind of horrified by the treating of people like pets. But I guess some people are into that? But strangely, I kinda have to read the next book to see where it goes.

Edit: I take it back. I can't read the rest of this. Just the thought makes me queasy.