Sea Change - Chris Quinton This book started out at a very gentle pace; a little gfy, a little bit friends-to-lovers. Most of it details how two men come to terms with their attraction for one another, one who's back-and-forthing with his sexuality and the other struggling with bereavement. It was all very drawn out, but I enjoyed the slow build. I also really loved the Hawaiian setting, which was wonderfully used, as well the backdrop of an animal rescue organization. And Harvey the three-legged dog. These thing I liked, and they completely overshadowed the things I did not like.

My biggest problem with this book is that its entire allotment of drama happens in the last 15%. There's some background plot that happens in fits and starts throughout the bookend eventually explodes riiight at the end, and I just didn't really care about it. My other issue was that there were too many people in this book, most of whom don't say or do much and so I found it impossible to remember names. Also, the when the MCs finally admit their feelings for one another, they basically move in together on the same day, that just seemed a bit far-fetched.. Then there was the meddling harpy women (which is a major annoyance for me).

But, okay, overall this book was a lovely read. And the 400+ page count seems like a lie. Yes, there were 400-odd pages but it went by waaay too quickly.