Revolt of the Naked - D.V. Sadero Your enjoyment of this book will ultimately depend on your life circumstances, your tolerance for having your intelligence insulted and your reason for reading it. If, for example, your are a purveyor of homosexual adult films with a penchant for wacky science fiction, a dislike of large, multisyllabic words as well as a yearning to deliver an important social message about equality (who is looking for an idea for a film), then this book is for you. It has many elements which I imagine would make an adult film very successful, i.e. lots and lots of cock. Set in a futuristic, off-world, all-male society; it pits slaves (Nakeds) bred for their ability to work (read: be physically unable to disobey commands) against Freemen (who are seriously rapey). Somewhere in the background there are also Junglemen (who have a fantastically laissez-faire attitude towards sex and body hair). 75% of the book is spent either describing various sex acts, various penises (and other gems of male anatomy) or the creative use of exotic vegetation as sex-toys - all in very simple and easy-for-a-six-year-old-to-understand language (God, I even feel bad about mentioning six-year-olds in connection with this book). Hell, there's even a penis montage (I'm not joking) and a massive climatic orgy (pun absolutely intended). As a porn film, it makes so much sense, but as work of literary fiction, er, no. So if your reason for reading it is to enjoy a racy book with an interesting plot and a bit of social commentary (which was my reason), then I'd suggest giving this one a miss. But like I said, if you make porn, then this is freaking golden (I can just see the DVD cover - well-hung hunks obscured by the strategically placed leaves of alien plants. Maybe with some galaxies in the background? A phallic spaceship or two? The dual globes of the twin moons? No?).