Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green,  David Levithan As a rule, I don't like YA. I mean, I haven't really been into YA since I was a YA myself (although to be fair, it wasn't all that long ago), so even though this book has been around for a while and is (deservedly) multi-award-winning, I was like 'meh'. Instead, I read a lot of adult M/M fiction, some good, some terrible, but most utterly mediocre. But see, I think I've been missing out. If only the other books I read had half as much heart and wit and joy as this book. I wouldn't accept any amount of money in the world to be seventeen again, but the characters in this book were amazing to read about. Adolescent heartache has never been so fun. And I've never encountered a braver character than Tiny Cooper. For me, the essence of this book is summed up by the following: "Being in a relationship, that's something you choose. Being friends, that's something you are." I couldn't agree more.