The Other Guy - Cary Attwell I love holiday romances - not for myself, of course, I'd never have the guts! - but I love them for other people. There's something about the quality of the light when you're traveling that lends itself to romance, so I adored the first third of this book like nobody's business. It's about how Emory gets jilted and tries to escape himself by going to Thailand (and would that we all could run away to Thailand when the going gets tough - it's amazingly restorative). There he meets Nate, a charming photographer and, well, romance doesn't ensue. Not immediately, anyway. The two of them become friends while Emory sorts out what he wants. They have one night of fade-to-black bittersweetness and then it's back to real life. The rest of the book I enjoyed less, but still quite a lot. It's really all about Emory, who is a funny, insecure, lovable mess. Although there were moments when I wanted to punch him, hard. Also, warning to my more discerning friends: it is written in the first person. Ultimately, though, this a great summer read and is heartwarming and sweet. It's a 3.5 rounded up for me.