Chance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and Murder - Nicole Castle I was all set to give this book five stars. How could I not love it? It has strains of Natural Born Killers and The Professional, and reminded me strongly of Richard Rider's genius Stockholm Syndrome. It was so very close to being perfect. But it fell apart in the last quarter, when too many things were happening at once. This book, pared down to just Vincent and Frank, would have been sublime. It was funny in places, yes, but there was an underlying intensity that stemmed from the these two damaged MCs finding each other through the morass of their respective lives. I wanted things to be tough for them, I wanted them to suffer a little and come through all of that together, just the two them against the world. Instead, the last 20% or so was a bit of a mess. I felt like the author added all these unnecessary secondary characters and it just clogged up the narrative. I also had minor issues with inconsistent characterization (especially with Frank) but I'll leave everyone to make up their own minds about him.

Sorry, that was my little rant for the day. It really is a good book if you can overlook my niggles. It's well-written and ridiculous and compassionate. Overall, I enjoyed it tremendously and will happily read any forthcoming works from this author.