Slam! - J.L. Merrow

Giving a JL Merrow book one star is causing me physical pain. I mean, surely I could spare another? For old time's sake? But no. This book doesn't deserve even a pity star. Let me preface the review by saying that I've mostly enjoyed Merrow's work so far; she's one of my favourite British M/M authors, but heavens did I not enjoy this. To go from the wry, self-effacing humour of Tom in the lovely Pressure Head, to Jude was jarring. Jude is annoying, obnoxious, needy and not at all funny. I actually wanted to stab him. I could not fathom what David saw in him. I guess he might appeal to a certain type of person, but that person is not me. I also mostly disliked the supporting cast; from his boozy, desperate mum to his tough-as-old-leather best friend, I couldn't connect to them. The plot was like Jude's dad - woefully absent and the humour was like being hit repeatedly in the face with a bag full of rainbows. I just basically skimmed the last 30% or so because I hate DNFing things, but I just did not care about all the manufactured drama. I'm really sorry I couldn't appreciate this more, because I love how British the writing was in places and I remain a fan of Ms Merrow. Oh well, maybe next time.