Spiretown - Lia Black 3.5 stars rounded up for being free.
This was a cool little alternative-earth book about an America where magic exists and mages are considered too dangerous to roam around freely, so they get rounded up and chucked in ghettoes. Enforcing all of this are the Templars, an elite brand of police who deal with magic-users. The romance is of the enemies-to-lovers/gay-for-you variety, when Collin; a heterosexual Templar commander is forced into close-quaters with Logan; a powerful/sexy mage.
Things I liked: it was engaging, it was hot, the actions sequences are deliciously gory and I loved the tropes.
This I disliked: the whole book has a kind of superficial feel; as if the characters, situations and concepts are only lightly brushed on and everything happens way too fast.
The other thing (and I may be mistaken here) is that even though the setting and plot are different, a lot of the concepts and terminology seemed to be plucked straight from the awesome video game Dragon Age and for some reason this really bothered me. But still, an enjoyable read overall.