Lake on the Mountain: A Dan Sharp Mystery - Jeffrey Round I enjoyed the writing in this book far more than the content. I know this, because even as the plot was getting pretty random, I still had to stop now and then to admire a phrase. It tells the story of Dan, a gay private investigator with a difficult past, a teenaged son and chip on his shoulder. I liked Dan, he was suitably complex. I did, however, have an issue with the 'mystery'. The premise of a mysterious death on a yacht during a gay wedding is kind of awesome. It has that claustrophobic, closed-room mystery potential that is so fun to read about. This ends up not actually being the main point of the story, the whole yacht incident is glossed over and resolved in a very unsatisfying way. It leads the way to another, tangentially related mystery, but by I this point I felt like I'd been duped a little bit. There's also some completely unrelated stuff that happens that serve no purpose to further the plot or tell us anything new about the protagonist. That said, I'll probably read the sequel when it comes out.