Skippy Dies - Paul Murray This is the funniest/most horrific book I've read in ages. I spent the first 65% of the book laughing like a mad person at the hilarious antics of the Irish Catholic schoolboys who populate this book. Then I spent the next 10% being genuinely appalled. And then I laughed a little bit guiltily up to the end, while still being appalled. It's a remarkably well-written and clever novel. But really, I feel like there are two novels. The first, superficial novel is the funny one. The one where schoolboys bet on which teacher will be the first to have a nervous breakdown and fourteen-year-olds brag about how many bitches they've had. And the second, more disturbing novel, is the one in which the minefield of adolescence is poorly navigated, where adults make horrible choices and no-one gets what they deserve. It was disturbing. But also awesome.