Deeds of Their Past - Mike Carss 2.5 stars rounded up.

I love/hate reading books with few ratings and reviews. It means that I can read with no preconceptions and no expectations, but it also means that I could be completely wasting my time. Now, I don't mean to say that this book was a waste of time, but it didn't rock my world.

It's a story about two men on the run who have to work together to survive. And for the most part it is a very... straightforward kind of book. Adversities arise and the heroes overcome them. The thing is, both men are supposed to be quite well trained in their fields but they kind of bumble along, doing stupid thing after stupid thing and getting out of fixes by the skin of their teeth and an enormous amount of good luck. This quote is pretty much the gist of the novel:

"he couldn't believe how such a simple error could mean their doom"

Er, really? 'Cause after all stupid shit you guys did, I can absolutely believe it.

Don't read it for the romance, because that is very understated and there are no love scenes to speak of. In any event, it's quite readable and was only like $2 on Amazon.