The Administration - Manna Francis Have you ever wished that you can go back in time and undo something just so you can do it again for the first time? That is how I feel about this series. I would sell one kidney and two-thirds of my liver to be able to do just that. These stories are remarkable. They are truly some of the most awesome, well-written and obsession-inspiring things I have ever read.
Manna Francis is a genius. She writes with such skill and efficiency that the world feels entirely real and unforced. And her morally ambiguous characters are brilliantly realized and not at all clumsy (which often happens when authors want you to sympathize with essentially bad guys), but no, I loved Toreth in spite of being or maybe because he is such a bastard. Unlike a lot of other internet-published fiction, it's really well-edited and so, so readable and intelligent. I literally forsook eating and sleeping to finish this series and every time I finished a story, I would comfort myself that there were plenty more, until, of course, I got to the end and then I felt like throwing up because it was over.