Stockholm Syndrome (Stockholm Syndrome, #1) - Richard Rider This book was not at all what I was expecting from the blurb, but to be fair, nothing could have prepared me for how heart-stoppingly good this trilogy is. It tells the story of the most ill-matched couple in the world, and it does so beautifully. The circumstances in which Pip and Lindsay meet are bizarre, and this essentially sets the tone for the rest of their relationship. There's this pervasive discordance in their interactions that was both compelling and disturbing. In fact, before I fell wildly in love with them as a couple, I almost couldn't finish this book because their relationship was so unhealthy. But for all the crazy in this novel, it is smoking hot and there are such sweet moments that you can almost forgive the author the fucking rollercoaster he puts you on. That said, you must, must, must read the rest of the trilogy; it's totally worth it.